January 24, 2024 admin

Traveling Is Easier Because of Technology

With the current technological advancements, traveling trends and styles have begun to experience slight shifts and changes. Cameras with film rolls, physical maps, or accommodation reservations via telephone must be hard to find nowadays.


Here are some examples of the use of technology to facilitate someone in traveling.


Opening a wide physical map when visiting a new area is a very rare sight. The existence of a digital map on a smartphone is able to answer all questions about the route and the estimated time required. Especially with increasingly complete information about the place or attraction that will be visited.

Ticket reservations and accommodation search via application.

Book a ticket at this time do not bother to call or go to the office of a travel agent. Simply open a smartphone and find a variety of ticket booking applications such as travel.com and others.

Capture memories in social media.

In the past, it took several devices to capture memories when visiting a place and share it with others. However, as social media develops, we only need a smartphone with a camera and an internet network for that.

Online transportation

While conventional public transportation offers convenience to the general public, online transportation is even more than that. Online transportation service providers are now even venturing into sectors that are not affordable by other conventional transportation such as the ease of delivering food, shopping, to massage.

Electronic money.

Bringing large amounts of money is a challenge for travelers, especially when you are away from home. However, after the development of technology, the use of electronic money and EDC machines makes it easy for everyone to make transactions. In addition, the use of electronic money is also considered to be far safer.

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