Netflix goes full spoiler with short teaser for Stranger Things S4

Netflix just dropped a short secret for the up and coming fourth period of Stranger Things, and it uncovers a doozy of a spoiler. Police Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbor) is alive and taking a shot at a Russian group of convicts some place in the forsaken solidified region of the Soviet Union.

(Spoilers for initial three seasons beneath.)

At the point when we last left our spunky teenaged sleuths and their partners, they had effectively beaten back a third endeavor by the supposed Mind-Flayer to get away from the Upside Down and assume control over the town of Hawkins, Indiana, where the arrangement has up to this point been set. In any case, that triumph didn’t come without a cost: Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) lost her supernatural powers in the wake of being chomped by the Flay-Monster. Furthermore, her assenting father, Hopper, yielded himself to spare the town in the season three finale. Eleven is taken in by Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), and the whole Byers family moves from Hawkins.

Arrangement makers Matt and Ross Duffer (on the whole the Duffer Brothers) have indicated that season four will open up the narrating to incorporate plot lines outside of Hawkins, with the Russians and their hostage Demogorgon assuming a significant job. A mid-credits scene following the S3 finale indicated that S4 would dive further into the Russian subplot. Two Russian watchmen approach a jail entryway. “Not the American,” one watchman says. Rather, the gatekeepers haul off a Russian detainee and lock him in a stay with a hostage Demogorgon, which continues to eat up the shouting detainee.

There was a lot of online hypothesis that “The American” was a reference to Hopper, who by one way or another endure the blast back in Hawkins. We never observed a body, all things considered. (Another choice was Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine; a S2 reference implied he may in any case be alive.) Clearly those doubts were justified with this first mystery.

It’s quick and painless. The secret opens with a wide shot of a winter no man’s land—explicitly in Kamchatka, Russia—and the camera bit by bit focuses in on a military-style place to stay, with monitors in Soviet garbs (around mid-’80s) and canines watching the grounds. Slice to a long queue of tied detainees taking a shot at railroad tracks, as the camera see descends the track to concentrate on one hooded detainee specifically. He pushes back his hood to uncover he’s Jim Hopper, with a shaven head. The camera waits a minute and afterward goes dim with only a slight chirring sound heard out of sight, alluding to the proceeded with impact of the Upside Down.

We despite everything have no clue how this plot point is going to play out or how it fits inside the more extensive story for the season. Furthermore, will all that hard work on a bunch of convicts change Hopper’s mark “father body”? Truly, it’s somewhat astonishing that Netflix decided to drop such a significant uncover this far ahead of time of the new season. Yet, the Duffer Brothers are plainly certain that there are still a lot of shocks coming up. Here is their announcement:

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