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Bus and Truck Drivers Can Operate Vehicles from Home

Swedish digital telecommunications company Voysys has developed a remote control operating system to operate trucks and buses remotely.

Working closely with Volvo, this test was carried out because it considered the safety of truck and bus drivers to be better protected from the factors of fatigue due to lack of rest. What’s more, they previously always crossed cities and provinces to deliver goods, but now truck and bus drivers can be effective and join Work From Home (WFH) which is being implemented by many countries, including Sweden.

How to operate, bus and truck drivers are enough to be in a room with a video screen or a Virtual reality (VR) device in which there is a remote control.

The remote control can be used by the driver to send maneuvering commands or other functions such as those on trucks and buses in general.

In the room also provided a screen that can be seen by the driver with a visibility of 180 degrees.

This technology can improve driver safety by moving the workplace from a dangerous place to a safe place.

Like the remote control, this device works with 4G and 5G signals to connect the operator to the vehicle.

Voysys offers 75 millisecond latency times over 4G and 40 milliseconds on the 5G network. This latency is the time required for sending and receiving data.

Voysys claims that the technology is able to avoid data congestion so that there is no disruption in the process of processing long-distance information between the vehicle and the operator.

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